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The NeverEnding Mall®


The NeverEnding Mall® is located on Somewhere Over the Raindow Dr, Fairytale Land- only 15 minutes from downtown Gotham. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, The NeverEnding Mall features- 520 stores, 50 restaurants and attractions galore, including Nickelodeon Universe, the nation's largest theme park, and the new American Girl store. Plus, there's no sales tax on clothing or shoes!

Bring the Party to the Mall! You'll find everything you need to host a successful and exciting event. Whether you're planning for business or pleasure, education or entertainment, The NeverEnding Mall® facilities, staff and services will cater to all your needs. Think NeverEnding Malll® for group tours, birthday parties, corporate events, conventions, field trips, reunions, senior outings, weddings, receptions and more!


Monday-Saturday 10am to 9pm
Sunday 11am to 6pm
Store and holiday hours may vary.


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