Getting to Know Me

Picture of my son and me.

When I was hired by Mealey’s Furniture in June 2011 my position required me to maintain and optimize the website. Over time I was given more and more digital marketing responsibilities starting with producing, coding and analyzing the data of our email marketing efforts. I had my first taste of digital marketing and found that I had a true passion for it. This resulted in me asking to take on the editing, updating and sometimes rewriting of the blog entries our floor designers produce weekly, digging deeper into our PPC and creating digital ads both static and animated with a tagged link to test its effectiveness.

I am also very familiar with advertising on social media networking sites and I understand how to use these networks correctly to build brand awareness, enhance search engine rankings and to help build a positive image for your company that will result in an increase in revenue.

My near three years of experience, mixed with my daily morning read of digital marketing blogs, has shown me the best way to use the many online avenues to create strategies that will help promote your company’s products or services in a way that captures the reader’s attention and fills them with a desire to learn more about your company.